Artist statement


After ten years of photographic reporting, creating images for others, it has become important for me to deepen the theme to which I am most sensitive: the human. My artistic work is therefore especially oriented around the portrait. Besides, if I enjoy some conceptual research, photographers that affect me most are those in whom this dimension is very present: Diane Arbus, Helmut Newton or Bettina Rheims for example.


I think a portrait successful if it touches the viewer and gives him the impression that he knows the subject and / or wants to know more.


I prefer to work outside the studio to search for the natural and to give me the opportunity to interact with the scenery, exterior or interior, which becomes part of the subject. In addition, the urban environment fascinates me by what it reveals of its inhabitants - through their tracks, their presence or their absence.


After learning to shoot with film material, I fully converted to digital for the important experimental possibilities offered by the latest hardware and software tools. I work alternately in color and black and white, depending on the subjects.



Alexis Naline, born in 1977 in Paris, France, graduated in mathematics and marketing.


Photography enthusiast, he organized from 2003 monthly meetings with other photographers met on the internet.


He started wedding photography in 2006 on behalf of various Parisians studios. Since 2013, with over one hundred and fifty weddings to his credit, he continues this activity for his own customers only.


Between 2009 and 2011, he organized studio photography class with Greg Sino, founder of the agency Paris School Agency. In addition to weddings, Alexis realizes many fashion and gigs photos.


From 2010, he had various opportunities to operate as still photographer.


Since 2014, he also develops various personal projects.

Alongside his work as a photographer, Alexis is working in the partnerships department at Hiscox, an english insurance company of reference in the field of art.